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I'm an aspiring writer who would really appreciate it if you could read one of my poems (no need to favorite or comment), it'd mean a lot to me.

For more information, click here:

Okay, you can still read that link but- just. Oh my God. The cringe. I mean, it's all pretty much true (or it was) but that's still just such a god awful thing I wrote. Please no.


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Artist | Student | Literature
My alternative account: :iconjjmyster22:
Please join :iconstfuandjoin:

Hey guys, so. . . I've deleted ALL the icons here. They're not showing up properly anymore and it was kind of cluttering this up anyways ^^'

I've decided to make my ID straightforward and, well, me.

Hi! I'm JJ. I like to draw (but check the other account for that stuff) and write (a lot of other stuff too but you can get that out of me by talking haha). I'm seventeen years old (I'm almost an adult; that's so scary!) and I'm in high school (though not for long!). I live in Vietnam (for now) and. Well, that's it! Hit me up <3


I hope my master plan worked with the whole title thing and that you're reading! If you aren't, well. You aren't. If you are, however, hello! I'd like to believe that you're reading this because you recognize/remember me and you're interested in my life (in a non-creepy way) and whatever I have to say!

Basically, I just wanted to say that for the millionth time I'm going to attempt to become more involved with dA again with both my accounts (the other being JJmyster22) and I'd like to become so involved that I actually COMMENT on pieces I like. I mean, I already did that but you all know that I'm pretty terrible when it comes to comments (as in, I have about a billion favorites but nowhere near as many comments). 

Besides comments on artwork, I'd love it if any of you wanted to strike up a repertoire with me as I enjoy talking with others and it's always fun to come back to conversations after school. So. . . Hit me up! 

That's all folks, I'm out!

I'm too young to feel this way
To feel torn apart
Like I've lost my way

I'm too young to feel so hopeless
Like a bird astray
So, so restless

I'm too young to feel so tired of life
So worthless
I don't want to deal with strife

I am just a teenager
With seventeen years to my name
But I feel like a salvager
Collecting ashes after being set aflame

Aflame with what?
I do not know
A burning passion, a dream?
I think not

I'm too scared of fire
I'm a coward
A fear of desire
And what it will bring

I want to dance
I want to sing
I want to talk
I want to draw

It's not a roaring flame
But it's just as raw
Just as powerful

A steady simmer
A slow roast

It will stay inside
My apathetic ghost
Until I'm older
And ready to come outside
 Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on as much ^^ I haven't even been that active on my main account. Sorry if I've ignored you guys/haven't put anything on lately. It's mostly because I'm really busy and really lazy. Sorry :c

Here's a bad poem about love for all you lovely watchers c:

Life is my own and it is my own
And I will take charge of it

Life is my own and it is my own
And I will use up every bit

Life is my own and it is my own
And I am going to

Life is my own and it is my own
And eventually I will find you 

If you guys want to chat and don't feel like waiting a few months for a reply, go message me on my alternate account: JJmyster22

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